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Tipi Wedding- Sparklers

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Hey, I'm Lou..

A travelling wedding photographer based in Liverpool, UK.

A lover of love, lyrics and life and all the extraordinary people within, my job is not just about taking pictures of you on your wedding day. It’s making sure that one day, when you really, really need to, you’ll be able to go right back to that moment and everyone that was there with you.

I see the beauty in the unnoticed.

The light that beamed through the trees, the way your father wiped away a single tear when he thought no one was looking, the flurry of confetti, secret kisses in secret gardens, the silence after the rain, the way your happily ever after looked at you as if you were the only person in the room.Everything.

I capture it all forever in time so that your memories are not just happy, but tangible and real and authentic. Just like the love that brought you here.

Because love is all you need.

One Happy Day Preserved

To Be Be Relived Again and Again

The Sefton Palm House