Love Wins

February 25, 2021

Love wins! Georgia & Tom embraced the corona virus restrictions and let love win. This is mirco wedding might of been small but there was an abundance of big love in the room! After the uncertainty of 2020 Tom was determined to marry Georgia, after all ….she is his lobster and nothing was going to stop them.

Their love for all things vintage and art deco was the backdrop to this gorgeous wedding. Georgia was so hands on in creating the acrylic wedding sign and table signs. The personalisation of this micro wedding continued with a romantic exchange of vows at the top of Clitheroe Castle as the sun was slowly setting and a game of Mr. & Mrs!

Being able to get married made our day unique. It was not the day we had originally planned but it was perfect in every way. We managed to keep our original date at Holmes Mill, which we know not many couples have been lucky to do so. We knew all that mattered was to let love win, out of all the lows of the year this was the biggest high

‘The photographs just surpassed all our expectations; we knew they would be incredible but we were not prepared for what we were sent’

I am a creative and natural wedding photographer based in Cheshire and cover the UK and Europe. Finally, do you want photographs that speak to your soul, every breath that catches, every suspended moment in time, every precious minute in your occasion?  If you are planning a wedding at Holmes Mill or anywhere else in the world and looking for a photographer I’d love to hear from you!

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