Hiya love!

How did I get here? A hopeless romantic, wanderer and believer in fate?

Born in Spain but raised in America and the UK, I’ve been lucky enough to experience the beauty in contrasting cultures, met the most gorgeous souls and witnessed love in many forms.

A fire was lit.

Fuelled by an obsession with nostalgia and happily ever afters, I’ve spent the past ten years travelling the world finding and documenting the magic in true love. I’ve chased love stories across Europe, to Southeast Asia and beyond and I love photographing destination weddings. The more far flung, the better.

So whether your love story is taking you to far off lands or you’re adding a chapter closer to home, let’s talk.


My why.....

Whats the one thing you couldn't love without?

For me, it's my photographs.

They're real life magic. They're the physical reminder of something you daren’t forget.

This is my most favourite photograph. It's six year old me and my Grandad, my hero, in a photobooth the day I lost both my front teeth. When I look at it, I can remember the way his eyes smiled through his thick glasses, how he always styled his hair so smartly, the aftershave he wore and the way he smelt and how he always made me smile, toothless or otherwise. How he always made all my worries disappear.

This single photograph takes me back and I always get utterly lost in its nostalgic memory.

And this is what I promise for you.

The most gorgeous photographs that are not just about how you looked on your wedding day but about how you laughed and cried and loved and partied. The start of your journey and the reason you decided on forever.


I believe in soul mates and wishing upon stars and destiny and fate.

You’ll find me in the kitchen dancing to The Beatles with my mini muse, my gorgeous daughter, Layla.

I’m 98% tea. 2% tequila

Music is my muse and live gigs are my escapism.

Elvis is King.

I will cry at your wedding.

I’m a water baby and prefer to be in water than on dry land.

I’ve lived in Spain, Chicago, Florida, Singapore and the UK.

Selling everything and living out of a camper van is my lifelong dream. By bookings me as your wedding photographer you can contribute to that dream.

""Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more"" - The Beatles

January 22


Travel Dates

Mallorca, Spain

March 22

Travelling is like air for me. I’ve been on the road ever since I got my driver’s license at 16. And while my goal is not a number (I don’t plan to see EVERY country on the globe), I do try to explore as much as I can, continuously pushing myself to see new angles and details in plain views that seem insignificant at first.

London, UK

April 22

May 22


Toulouse, France

June 22

Tuscany, Italy

July 22

Faro, Portugal

August 22