Alternative Hope Street Wedding

November 22, 2023

In the heart of Liverpool, where the vibrant culture meets historic charm, love found its perfect setting at Hope Street Hotel. This is the tale of a small and intimate wedding that unfolded against the backdrop of this charming city, where every detail, from the alternative sequined coat worn by the bride to the iconic pub chosen for photographs, painted a picture of unique and unforgettable love.

Katie’s Sparkling Sequin Technicolour Dream Coat

The bride, a vision of alternative elegance, chose to defy tradition with a sequined coat that sparkled with every movement. The unconventional choice reflected her personality, adding a touch of glamour and individuality to the celebration. The sequined coat became a statement piece that perfectly complemented the intimate and personalized nature of the wedding.

For the couple’s photographs, the journey took an exciting turn as they ventured into Ye Crake Pub. It was John Lennon’s favorite pub. It’s steeped in history and echoing with the sounds of the past. The Ye Crake provided a unique and nostalgic backdrop for the wedding portraits. The couple, surrounded by the charm of the pub, shared intimate moments captured by the lens, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

‘ Love is real, real is love’- John Lennon

As the day unfolded, the couple embraced the musical legacy of Liverpool and chose an unconventional stage for their first dance – the jukebox at Ye Crake. With the melodies of John Lennon playing in the background, the couple swayed to the beat of love. They created a moment that was both personal and deeply connected to the city’s musical heritage. The jukebox, filled with classic tunes, became the soundtrack to their first dance as a married couple.

In the heart of Liverpool, at the intersection of history and love, a small and intimate wedding unfolded at Hope Street Hotel. The bride’s alternative sequined coat, the photographs at Ye Crake, and the first dance to the tunes of John Lennon’s favorite pub all contributed to a celebration that was uniquely theirs. This intimate wedding, set against the backdrop of Liverpool’s rich cultural tapestry. It showcased the beauty of love in all its unconventional and heartfelt glory.

Hope Street Hotel, nestled between the cathedrals and surrounded by the artistic energy of Liverpool, provided the perfect venue for an intimate celebration of love. With its chic and contemporary design, the hotel offered a warm and inviting ambiance. It created an intimate atmosphere for the Katie & Micheal and their closest friends and family. The choice of this venue set the stage for a wedding that was both stylish and personal.

Getting Married at Hope Street?

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